There's really nothing mysterious about getting people to change their minds. No special, inborn gifts. No subliminal tricks.

Instead, the best persuaders--advertisers, salespeople, politicians, spin doctors--depend on the fact that everyone responds to messages in just two ways: thoughtfully or mindlessly. And they know how to manipulate these two persuasion routes to make even the most doubtful say "yes."

Jam-packed with fascinating case studies and surprising examples, this comprehensive, entertaining how-to guide puts the powerful tool of persuasion at anyone's disposal. It explains:

  • How the master persuaders--the Churchills, Lincolns, and Roosevelts--create powerful, memorable messages that convince people of their arguments' logic and rightness.

  • How successful persuaders exploit the psychological triggers that cause people to subconsciously move from "no" to "yes."

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"Masterful" - by J on 19-APR-2016
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This book gives actions to take, not platitudes to adopt. I found it to be easy to read and most helpful.
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