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Part: III Appendixes

Part III: Appendixes

—Larry E. Grimes from "Rules of the Writing Game"

Appendixes I, II, III, and IV feature many items that can make your letter writing a more pleasant and less arduous task. All four appendixes are arranged alphabetically for easy reference.

Appendix I is by no means an all-inclusive list of every word ever used incorrectly. It does, however, include some words that are either tricky to use or often are used incorrectly. If you have a question about how a word or phrase should be used, check Appendix I. If it is not included in the Appendix, you will find a good reference to consult listed in the Bibliography.

Appendix II lists several rules of punctuation that cause confusion or problems in correspondence. For a more extensive discussion of the proper use of punctuation, there are several good references available. I recommend: The Chicago Manual of Style, Fourteenth Edition (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1993).

Appendix III is divided into two categories. The first gives a list of two-letter state abbreviations. The second lists common abbreviations. Abbreviations should be used sparingly in your correspondence. Occasionally you will receive a letter or memorandum that contains an abbreviation. The list in Appendix III will help you decipher some common abbreviations.

Appendix IV, The Grammar Hotline Directory, consists of names of various universities, colleges, and services across the country that offer help with grammar problems to people who call. The list is categorized alphabetically by state. The information given consists of: the city in which the hotline is located as well as a zip code; the college, university, or individual sponsoring the hotline; the phone number and name of the hotline; the hours of operation; and the contact at the hotline. If you are faced with grammar problems, consider turning to one of these hotlines.



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