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Selling Your Presentation Course 176 STRATEGIC PRESENTATIONS COURSE DESCRIPTION Strategic Presentations An In-depth Workshop for Experienced Professionals Designed and Presented by Sherron Bien- venu, PhD Strategic Presentations is a workshop designed for business professionals whose speeches are expected to be excellent in terms of focus, organization, support, and delivery. Who Should Participate · Senior executives who represent the company by speaking to clients, shareholders, civic or- ganizations, and employees · Account executives or marketing managers who make informative and persuasive presentations to other sales representatives, external clients, and end users · Managers who motivate, inform, or persuade their subordinates, peers, or superiors through demonstrations, speeches, or informal talks Workshop Objectives Through lecture and discussion, oral presentations, professional and self evaluation (with the help of videotape), and peer feedback, this workshop develops your abilities in the following ways: · Identify areas of effectiveness and target areas for growth and development in your oral com- munication skills · Increase your listeners' perceptions of your credibility by understanding target audiences and preparing with a focus on the needs and concerns of each audience · Design and implement appropriate and powerful visual aids · Improve your speaking confidence through objective evaluation and positive reinforcement · Enhance your effectiveness in all career responsibilities through relevant application of com- munication strategies · Realistically assess the impact of your communication efforts on other people What Makes Strategic Presentations a Unique Workshop · Emphasis is based on a Strategic Communication Model: 1. Learn everything you can about the environment: the current situation, your target audi- ences, and your objectives with each of those audiences. 2. Consider your options: who should send the message, how should the message be sent, and when should the message be sent? Use that knowledge to select and organize specific information to meet your objectives with your audiences. 4. Deliver your message with a confident, personal style. 5. Evaluate feedback for continued growth and success. · Participants select topics and focus on audiences that accurately reflect real workplace situa- tions. Realistic presentation styles, visual aid options, and audience interaction are encouraged. · The structure requires only half-day commitments, thus allowing more concentration during the workshop both from and on each participant. 3.