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Your participant handout package should include any or all of the following material. See Part Four for masters for the entire handout package (except for your instructor bio, which you should create yourself).

  • Title page—be creative! Part Four includes two generic covers that are ready for you to copy, but I encourage you to create your own cover page for the handout package. Select a design that communicates your distinct personality and style, and include some of your contact information. See Exhibit 3.2 and 3.3 for examples.

  • Course description

  • Instructor bio to introduce you to the participants. Use my sample bio in Exhibit 3.4 as a model. I created it in sections: academic journals, media coverage, trade publications, consulting and training, and university teaching. Group your accomplishments into appropriate sections. You might have company history, education and additional training, company awards, and training or presentation accomplishments.

  • Personal Action Plan sheet on which participants can make notes of information that is particularly relevant to them. Reinforce the instructions about using an idea within twenty-four hours after receiving it.

  • Copies of your presentation slides (three to a page with lines for notes)

  • Audience Analysis Worksheet. I usually put one worksheet in my handout package and add another one in the back of the binder for easy personal photocopying.

  • Outline Worksheet

  • Credibility Worksheet

  • Presentation Evaluation for trainee peer evaluations. For discussion, just include one evaluation in the handout package. When your class makes presentations, have enough copies for participants to write evaluations on every other speaker.

  • Additional readings:

    - Guidelines for Visual Aids

    - Guidelines for Inclusive Language

    - Industry-specific articles. Add these yourself, but remember that you need permission from the publisher to copy articles.



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