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Acronyms and Shorthand

Acronyms and Shorthand

The first emotional indicators in newsgroups and e-mail were acronyms designed to give readers clues to the attitude and intent of the sender. Acronyms also quickly developed as keyboarding shortcuts. Use of acronyms is particularly prevalent in instant messaging, primarily to maintain the pace of real-time conversation.


AAMOFas a matter of fact
AARat any rate
ADNany day now
AFAIKas far as I know
AFKaway from keyboard
AFKBRBaway from keyboard, be right back
ASAPas soon as possible
B2Wback to work
B4N (or BFN)bye for now
BAKback at keyboard
BBLbe back later
BBSbe back soon
BCNUbe seeing you
BF (or B/F)boyfriend
BMNbut maybe not
BRBbe right back
BTDTbeen there, done that
BTDTBTTbeen there, done that, bought the tape
BTDTGTTSbeen there, done that, got the t-shirt
BTDTGTTSAWIObeen there, done that, got the t-shirt, and wore it out
BTWby the way
BYKTbut you knew that
CIOcut it out
CMIIWcorrect me if I’m wrong
CU (or CYA)see you
CUL (or CUL8R)see you later
DIYdo it yourself
DYJHIWdon’t you just hate it when
EAKeating at keyboard
EOLend of lecture
EOMend of message
F2F (or FTF)face to face
FAPPfor all practical purposes
FOFL (or FOTFL)falling on the floor laughing
FTRfor the record
FWIWfor what it’s worth
FYAfor your amusement
FYEOfor your eyes only
FYIfor your information
g (or <g>)grin
G (or <G>)big grin
G2G (or GTG)got to go
GALget a life
GD&Hgrinning, ducking, and hiding
GD&Rgrinning, ducking, and running
GD&RVVFgrinning, ducking, and running, very, very fast
GF (or G/F)girlfriend
GGgotta go (or good game)
GIWISTgee, I wish I said that
GMTAgreat minds think alike
GoATgo away, troll
HAKhugs and kisses
HAGDhave a great day
HANDhave a nice day
HEHa courtesy laugh
HHOSha-ha, only serious
HTHhope this helps (or hope that helps)
IAEin any event
HWhomework (or hardware)
IANALI am not a lawyer
ICI see
ICBWI could be wrong (or it could be worse)
IDTSI don’t think so
IINMif I’m not mistaken
IIRCif I recall correctly
IIUCif I understand correctly
IMCOin my considered opinion
IMEin my experience
IMHOin my humble opinion
IMNSHOin my not-so-humble opinion
IMOin my opinion
IOWin other words
IRLin real life
ISTMit seems to me
ISWYMI see what you mean
ITRWin the real world
J (or <J>)joking
JCjust chillin’
JICjust in case
JK (or J/K)just kidding (or that was a joke)
JTYWTKjust thought you wanted to know
JWjust wondering
KWIMknow what I mean?
L (or <L>)laughing
LJBFlet’s just be friends
LOLlaughing out loud
LTNSlong time no see
MHBFYmy heart bleeds for you
MHOTYmy hat’s off to you
MOTASmember of the appropriate sex
MOTDmessage of the day
MYOBmind your own business
NBDno big deal
NBIFno basis in fact
NOYBnone of your business
NPno problem
NRNno response necessary (or no reply necessary)
OICoh, I see
OMoh my (or old man, as in husband)
OOIout of interest
OOTBout of the box
OTLout to lunch
OTOHon the other hand
OTTHon the third hand
PAWparents are watching
PCpolitically correct
PDApublic display of affection
PESTplease excuse slow typing
PI (or PIC)politically incorrect
PKB (or P/K/B)pot, kettle, black (or pot calling the kettle black)
PMBIpardon my butting in
PMFJIpardon me for jumping in
POSparent over shoulder (or parents over shoulder)
POVpoint of view
PTBpowers that be
R (or r)are
REHIre-hello (following a short time away)(or hi again)
RFCrequest for comment
RLreal life
ROTFLrolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLOLrolling on the floor laughing out loud
RSNreal soon now
S (or <S>)smile
SCNRsorry, could not resist
SITDstill in the dark
SOPstandard operating procedure
SPMDsome people may differ
SUPwhat’s up?
TBEto be expected
THX (or TX)thanks
TIAthanks in advance
TANJthere ain’t no justice
TPHBthe pointy-haired boss
TPTBthe powers that be
TTBOMKto the best of my knowledge
TTFNta-ta for now
TTYLtalk to you later
TVMthanks very much
TVMIAthanks very much in advance
TYVMIAthank you very much in advance
UWyou’re welcome
VBG (or <VBG>)very big grin
WBwelcome back
WCDwhat’s cookin’ doc?
WHBTwe have been trolled
WOAwork of art
WRTwith regard to (or with respect to)
WTGway to go
WTHwhat the heck?
Y (or <Y>)yawning
YHBTyou have been told (or you have been trolled)
YHBWyou have been warned
YHGMTPOTGyou have greatly misinterpreted the purpose of this group
YHMyou have mail
YMMVyour mileage may vary
YOYOyou’re on your own
YWSYLSyou win some, you lose some



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