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The most common emoticons are faces and expressions composed of standard keyboard punctuation marks and symbols, and which are viewed sideways. These are known as “smileys” in reference to the first emoticons, which represented a smile, such as: : -). Smileys are indicators of the emotional “tone of voice” intended by the writer.


(-:left-handed smile
:o)smile with a large nose (or clown smiley)
:)smile with no nose
:->smirk (or wry smile)
:-}wry smile (or leer)
:*)just clowning around (or inebriated)
:-))))extreme happiness (or sarcastic happiness)
:-Dvery happy (or laughing)
(-Dlaughing hard
:-) :-) :-)loud guffaw
:’-)laughing and crying
%-)amused (and possibly confused)
:-/chagrined (or skeptical)
:~)touched (or ill with a cold)
(:-(sad (or bald and sad)
:-(frown (or unhappy)
:-cvery unhappy
:-((((extremely unhappy (or sarcastic unhappiness)
(:-& or %-(angry
>:-<very angry
~ :-(very angry (or fuming mad)
%-(or :/)not amused
:-| or :-(have an ordinary day
:-Xlips are sealed (or not saying a word)
:-8(condescending stare
:-Oshouting (or shocked)
:,-(or :’-(crying
:-*ready for a kiss (or just ate something sour)
:-&tongue-tied (or biting tongue)
:-pno way! (or nyah nyah)
’-)one-eyed wink
:-7wry statement (or tongue-in-cheek)
:-| :-|déjà vu
?-(sorry, I don’t know what went wrong (or black eye)
:-Cthat’s unbelievable! (or incredible!)
B-Dserves you right
:-9licking lips
:-bsticking out tongue
8-I or 8-|in suspense
|:-|excessively rigid
|-)bored (or asleep)
:-"whistling (or pursing lips)
:-sincoherent statement
:-#just said the wrong thing (or braces)
:-!foot in mouth
:-() or :-Dbig mouth
(:-$ or :-(*)ill
(:~) or :-’)ill with a cold
:-Rill with the flu
%+| or %+{lost a fight
X-(unconscious (or dead)
:>)big nose
&:-)curly hair (or girl smiley)
#:-)matted hair
8-)wearing glasses
8:-)glasses on forehead (or little girl, or hair in curlers)
B-)wearing horn-rimmed glasses (or sunglasses)
B-]wearing cool sunglasses
c:-) or (:-)bald
:-{has a moustache
:-)} or :-)#has a beard
:-Q or :-Ismoker
:-d~heavy smoker
:-?pipe smoker
:-/Ino smoking
:-) Xwearing a bow tie
{(:-)wearing a toupee
[:-)stereo headphones
d :-ohats off
~:-(has been flamed (or is on fire)
~~:-(has been flamed repeatedly
)Cheshire cat
[: |]robot
M-)see no evil
:X)hear no evil
:-Mspeak no evil
||*(handshake offered
||*)handshake accepted
<{:-)}message in a bottle
(-: :-)putting heads together
[] or ()hug given (name or initials can be included between the brackets)
((()))lots of hugs
((())):**hugs and kisses
(::()::)Band-Aid (or comfort)
@->–a rose
@—>—a long-stemmed rose
@==atomic bomb
<’)))))-<a fish



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