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ANSI Character Set

ANSI Character Set

CharacterUnicode Value (Hex)ANSI code (decimal)Description
SOH00011Start of heading
STX00022Start of text
ETX00033End of text
EOT00044End of transmission
HT00099Horizontal tabulation
LF000A10Line feed
VT000B11Vertical tabulation
FF000C12Form feed
CR000D13Carriage return
SO000E14Shift out
SI000F15Shift in
DLE001016Data link escape
DC1001117Device control 1
DC2001218Device control 2
DC3001319Device control 3
DC4001420Device control 4
NAK001521Negative acknowledge
SYN001622Synchronous idle
ETB001723End of transmission block
EM001925End of medium
FS001C28File separator
GS001D29Group separator
RS001E30Record separator
US001F31Unit separator
!002133Exclamation point
002234Quotation mark
#002335Number sign
$002436Dollar sign
(002840Left parenthesis
)002941Right parenthesis
+002B43Plus sign
.002E46Full stop
0003048Digit zero
1003149Digit one
2003250Digit two
3003351Digit three
4003452Digit four
5003553Digit five
6003654Digit six
7003755Digit seven
8003856Digit eight
9003957Digit nine
<003C60Less-than sign
=003D61Equals sign
>003E62Greater-than sign
?003F63Question mark
@004064Commercial at
A004165Latin capital letter A
B004266Latin capital letter B
C004367Latin capital letter C
D004468Latin capital letter D
E004569Latin capital letter E
F004670Latin capital letter F
G004771Latin capital letter G
H004872Latin capital letter H
I004973Latin capital letter I
J004A74Latin capital letter J
K004B75Latin capital letter K
L004C76Latin capital letter L
M004D77Latin capital letter M
N004E78Latin capital letter N
O004F79Latin capital letter O
P005080Latin capital letter P
Q005181Latin capital letter Q
R005282Latin capital letter R
S005383Latin capital letter S
T005484Latin capital letter T
U005585Latin capital letter U
V005686Latin capital letter V
W005787Latin capital letter W
X005888Latin capital letter X
Y005989Latin capital letter Y
Z005A90Latin capital letter Z
[005B91Left square bracket
\005C92Reverse solidus
]005D93Right square bracket
^005E94Circumflex accent
_005F95Low line
`006096Grave accent
a006197Latin small letter a
b006298Latin small letter b
c006399Latin small letter c
d0064100Latin small letter d
e0065101Latin small letter e
f0066102Latin small letter f
g0067103Latin small letter g
h0068104Latin small letter h
i0069105Latin small letter i
j006A106Latin small letter j
k006B107Latin small letter k
l006C108Latin small letter l
m006D109Latin small letter m
n006E110Latin small letter n
o006F111Latin small letter o
p0070112Latin small letter p
q0071113Latin small letter q
r0072114Latin small letter r
s0073115Latin small letter s
t0074116Latin small letter t
u0075117Latin small letter u
v0076118Latin small letter v
w0077119Latin small letter w
x0078120Latin small letter x
y0079121Latin small letter y
z007A122Latin small letter z
{007B123Left curly bracket
|007C124Vertical line
}007D125Right curly bracket
NEL0085133Next line
SSA0086134Start of selected area
ESA0087135End of selected area
 0088136Character tabulation set
 0089137Character tabulation with justification
 008A138Line tabulation set
PLD008B139Partial line down
PLU008C140Partial line up
 008D141Reverse line feed
SS2008E142Single shift two
SS3008F143Single shift three
DCS0090144Device control string
PU10091145Private use one
PU20092146Private use two
STS0093147Set transmit state
CCH0094148Cancel character
MW0095149Message waiting
 0096150Start of guarded area
 0097151End of guarded area
 0098152Start of string
 009A154Single character introducer
CSI009B155Control sequence introducer
ST009C156String terminator
OSC009D157Operating system command
PM009E158Privacy message
APC009F158Application program command
 00A0160No-break space
¡00A1161Inverted exclamation mark
¢00A2162Cent sign
£00A3163Pound sign
¤00A4164Currency sign
¥00A5165Yen sign
¦00A6166Broken bar
§00A7167Section sign
©00A9169Copyright sign
ª00AA170Feminine ordinal indicator
«00AB171Left-pointing double angle quotation mark
¬00AC172Not sign
-00AD173Soft hyphen
®00AE174Registered sign
°00B0176Degree sign
±00B1177Plus-minus sign
200B2178Superscript two
300B3179Superscript three
´00B4180Acute accent
µ00B5181Micro sign
00B6182Pilcrow sign
·00B7183Middle dot
100B9185Superscript one
º00BA186Masculine ordinal indicator
»00BB187Right-pointing double angle quotation mark
¼00BC188Vulgar fraction one quarter
½00BD189Vulgar fraction one half
¾00BE190Vulgar fraction three quarters
¿00BF191Inverted question mark
À00C0192Latin capital letter A with grave
Á00C1193Latin capital letter A with acute
Â00C2194Latin capital letter A with circumflex
Ã00C3195Latin capital letter A with tilde
Ä00C4196Latin capital letter A with diaeresis
Å00C5197Latin capital letter A with ring above
Æ00C6198Latin capital ligature AE
Ç00C7199Latin capital letter C with cedilla
È00C8200Latin capital letter E with grave
É00C9201Latin capital letter E with acute
Ê00CA202Latin capital letter E with circumflex
Ë00CB203Latin capital letter E with diaeresis
Ì00CC204Latin capital letter I with grave
Í00CD205Latin capital letter I with acute
Î00CE206Latin capital letter I with circumflex
Ï00CF207Latin capital letter I with diaeresis
Ð00D0208Latin capital letter ETH
Ñ00D1209Latin capital letter N with tilde
Ò00D2210Latin capital letter O with grave
Ó00D3211Latin capital letter O with acute
Ô00D4212Latin capital letter O with circumflex
Õ00D5213Latin capital letter O with tilde
Ö00D6214Latin capital letter O with diaeresis
×00D7215Multiplication sign
Ø00D8216Latin capital letter O with stroke
Ù00D9217Latin capital letter U with grave
Ú00DA218Latin capital letter U with acute
Û00DB219Latin capital letter U with circumflex
Ü00DC220Latin capital letter U with diaeresis
Ý00DD221Latin capital letter Y with acute
Þ00DE222Latin capital letter thorn
ß00DF223Latin small letter sharp s
à00E0224Latin small letter a with grave
á00E1225Latin small letter a with acute
â00E2226Latin small letter a with circumflex
ã00E3227Latin small letter a with tilde
ä00E4228Latin small letter a with diaeresis
å00E5229Latin small letter a with ring above
æ00E6230Latin small ligature ae
ç00E7231Latin small letter c with cedilla
è00E8232Latin small letter e with grave
é00E9233Latin small letter e with acute
ê00EA234Latin small letter e with circumflex
ë00EB235Latin small letter e with diaeresis
ì00EC236Latin small letter i with grave
í00ED237Latin small letter i with acute
î00EE238Latin small letter i with circumflex
ï00EF239Latin small letter i with diaeresis
ð00F0240Latin small letter eth
ñ00F1241Latin small letter n with tilde
ò00F2242Latin small letter o with grave
ó00F3243Latin small letter o with acute
ô00F4244Latin small letter o with circumflex
õ00F5245Latin small letter o with tilde
ö00F6246Latin small letter o with diaeresis
÷00F7247Division sign
ø00F8248Latin small letter o with stroke
ù00F9249Latin small letter u with grave
ú00FA250Latin small letter u with acute
û00FB251Latin small letter u with circumflex
ü00FC252Latin small letter u with diaeresis
ý00FD253Latin small letter y with acute
þ00FE254Latin small letter thorn
ÿ00FF255Latin small letter y with diaeresis



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