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Chapter 18. Unit summary: Formal proposals > Independent practice activity

Independent practice activity

1: List the sections that must be included in a formal proposal.
2: Which of the following items are included in the body of a proposal?
  1. Table of contents

  2. Technical details

  3. Executive summary

  4. Appendix

3: You should provide “padding” time when creating a schedule. True or false?
4: To communicate clearly, use as many visuals as possible when creating a proposal. True or false?
5: List the guidelines that you should follow when writing technical details.
6: If it costs $36,000 to offer your services to a client for one year, which of the following is the best way to state the price?
  1. $18,000 biannually

  2. $36,000 per year

  3. $3,000 per month

  4. $36,000 annually

7: Which of the following most effectively highlights the advantages of Icon International over its competitors?
  1. Given the opportunity, Icon might bring several advantages to your business, including a specialized knowledge base, product expertise, and organizational flexibility and responsiveness. Hopefully, we can provide you with a product designed by your technical specifications at a cost-effective price.

  2. As a supplier, Icon will bring several distinct advantages to your business:

    1. As a global organization, we have the knowledge base and the specialized expertise to offer you a high-quality product at a cost-effective price.

    2. At the same time, we offer the flexibility and responsiveness usually reserved for small organizations. This flexibility allows us to meet all deadlines, primarily those imposed by clients and third parties.

    3. As a technology-based firm, we understand wiring systems and have the proficiency to design the product in accordance with your technical specifications.

  3. Icon will bring distinct advantages to your business. If selected to become an Epic Products supplier, we will reveal the advantages at our initial planning meeting. Of course, they might include our organization’s global status, our specialized expertise, and our flexibility.



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