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Chapter 22. Unit summary: Customers and ... > Independent practice activity - Pg. 66

5 ­ 2 Advanced Interpersonal Communication Topic A: Communicating with colleagues Explanation Colleagues might include people in your office, team, department, or division. They do not hold a supervisory position over you, nor do you hold a supervisory position over them. Instead, you are all in a similar place on the corporate ladder. Learning how to communicate effectively with your colleagues helps maintain a friendly and effective workplace and enables you to better promote your ideas and respond to those of others. Guidelines for communicating with colleagues There are a few guidelines to remember when communicating with your colleagues: · Demonstrate respect. · Establish ground rules and responsibilities. · Be honest about your thoughts and feelings. Demonstrate respect There are many ways in which you can show respect for your colleagues. Often, it is the everyday actions that make the greatest impact on your colleagues, such as listening and showing interest in a conversation. However, you can show respect in other ways as well. For example, if a colleague has helped you with a project for which you have received a reward, be sure that your supervisor knows that your colleague is also deserves recognition.