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1: Watch the movie clip and then answer the following questions.

What type of boss is Patricia?

Was Laurie able to handle Patricia?

Which statement in the discussion set the interaction right?

2: Watch the movie clip and then answer the following questions.

What kind of boss is Carlene?

Was Pam able to handle the situation?

Which statement in the given discussion set the interaction right?

3: In the following scene, Benjamin (supervisor) and John (subordinate) are seated at the table in Benjamin’s office.

Benjamin: You completely screwed up this order!

John: Benjamin, I don't understand what went wrong. Tell me exactly what's wrong about it.

Benjamin: We're supposed to ship out the Centurion 2000, but the customer received the 3000 instead. You must've written the wrong number down, and now I've got an angry customer who got the wrong item.

John: Benjamin, I'd be happy to take care of that. Let me call the warehouse and arrange for the 2000 to be delivered. They can pick up the 3000 at the same time. I'll also arrange for the customer to receive a gift certificate to make up for the error.

Benjamin: Okay. That should keep the customer happy.

What is Benjamin trying to do?

What did John do to accept responsibility for solving the problem?

4: In the following scene, John (subordinate) and Julia (subordinate) are seated at the table in John’s office.

John: What are you working on?

Julia: Ms. Bannon had yet another idea for the new Centurion. Actually, this one sounds like it might be workable, but I'm making a list of questions to ask her to see if she's really thought this through. I don't want to go ahead with a plan that hasn't been studied carefully.

John: What kinds of things do you plan to ask her?

Julia: Well, cost is always the biggest issue. I want to hear her plan for keeping costs down because this idea involves using a more expensive plastic than we've used in the past. I just want to determine the amount of research that's gone into this idea.

What kind of boss is Ms. Bannon?

What did Julia do in the given situation?

5: Read the following scene. In the scene, Phyllis (supervisor) and Matt (subordinate) are seated in Phyllis's office.

Phyllis: And that is why I have to have those numbers on my desk by Wednesday morning!

Matt: Ms. Bannon, I understand that the company is counting on the sales department to furnish the projections for next Thursday’s meeting. If we don’t have the numbers, it will reflect badly on all of us. I know we can work together to get it done. Can we set aside Monday afternoon to finalize the report?

Phyllis: Yes, I think I can clear my schedule. Let’s get the whole department together Monday. If we can get that report done early, it would be a huge relief.

What do you is think is happening in this situation?

What did Matt do to complete the sales projection?

6: Match each set of characteristics to one of the following types of ineffective supervisor: bully, dreamer, blamer, emotional volcano, or guilt tripper.

Uses threats to motivate

Continually offers new ideas

Tries to place blame on employee

Yelling, ranting, fist pounding

Says one thing and means another

7: In the table below, identify your supervisors, their type, and the type of relationship you have with them.

Name Role Department Type of relationship (good/bad)

8: Describe a situation where you had to deal with an ineffective supervisor.
9: How could you have changed your style of communication to make a more favorable impression on the supervisor?



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