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1: In the following scene, Phyllis (supervisor), Valerie (subordinate), and Matt (subordinate) are seated at the table in the conference room.

Phyllis: Thanks for coming to our monthly recognition meeting. Valerie, would you like to go first with the birthdays?

Valerie: This month we're honoring Sue and Jim. Sue’s birthday was the 12th, and Jim’s birthday will be on the 25th.

Phyllis: Thank you, Valerie.

Phyllis: Matt, I'll turn things over to you for the awards announcement.

Matt: Thanks, Phyllis. This month we have several awards to present. Let me first mention the awards that were won at the annual trade show last weekend, and then I'll present the Employee of the Month.

Does the discussion depict a positive organizational culture?

What are the characteristics of a positive organizational culture?

2: Read the following scenarios and identify the characteristic that the organizational culture reflects.

Our people are always on the move. Do you know that every morning and evening flight across the world has at least one of our employees on it?

Have you heard of the member of the housekeeping staff who found a briefcase a customer left after the customer checked out? The staff member went to the airport to find out where the customer was going next. The staff member boarded the next flight for the same destination and delivered the briefcase to that customer. The customer never ever thought of going to another hotel.

We got a complaint at 4:30 p.m. from the stock exchange. We’d installed our equipment in the there. It was vital for the customer to get the problem fixed by 8:00 a.m. next day before the trading hours began. A 30-member team flew down to the premises from across the country to rectify the problem. The system was up and running by 5:00 a.m.

3: Pat has to meet two team leaders from Icon’s Market Research department. The Industrial Services and Manufacturing division is redefining its culture and has asked for inputs and suggestions from each department.

Pat has to lead this meeting and identify the areas of culture that can be changed or improved to make a more efficient and productive culture.

The first team leader is a friendly individual who genuinely cares about the company’s overall performance. This person is not overly ambitious, but tries to help whenever possible and is frequently the first person to notice when there’s a problem.

The second team leader has an easygoing attitude and is therefore enthusiastic about new situations. This person is usually very friendly and open, but can become too attached to issues of personal interest and concern. The second team leader is very protective of their work and likes to make sure there’s time to cover all concerns.

Was Pat able to identify the areas of culture that can be changed or improved?



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