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1: Put the steps for providing constructive feedback in proper order, eliminating any unnecessary steps.

Thank and encourage the individual

Develop goals with the individual

Explain how the behavior is detrimental

Describe the positive behavior

Identify the problem behavior

Monitor the individual’s performance

Help the individual acknowledge the problem

2: Read the following scene.

John: Well Thomas, how has the quarter been?

Thomas: We exceeded our targets and are doing very well.

John: What about the cost to the company as a result of the increased turnover or personnel?

Thomas: Well! That’s HR’s concern, not mine.

John: Do you know that your abrasive methods have taken a huge toll and we are having problems getting the right people? Experienced people are also leaving.

Thomas: I think better salaries can take care of that.

John: Why are you so rude Thomas?

Thomas: I’m not rude, John. If you think I am, maybe I should start giving flowers to people and shaking hands every morning.

John: Do you really understand what I am trying to say?

Thomas: Do you understand me or even try to?

John: This is not leading anywhere. I want to meet with you again tomorrow.

Thomas: I’m traveling and meeting customers for the next seven days. Can we meet eight days from now?

John: Okay. I think something is wrong somewhere.

Why do you think this meeting went bad?

From where exactly did the discussion go off track?

What kind of response from whom could have gotten the situation under control?

3: Your instructor will choose one student to play the role of a person who has just taken over as Interim Director of Industrial Casing Products. This person has to meet with the Production Manager for casing products, who is responsible for the actual manufacturing of the industrial casing product line. The production rate and the employee morale are high for this manager's team. However, there have been problems with the quality of cases produced. Almost 10-percent are scrapped because of defects.

The Interim Director has to provide the Production Manager with both positive and constructive feedback.

The Production Manager is a hard working employee who started as a production employee and worked up to the position of a production manager. Because of past achievements, the Production Manager is admired by his employer and is often asked to be a peacemaker between management and the production group. While often deferential to others when confronted with difficult decisions, this manager is not afraid to take a stand if he or she feels an idea or plan is not practical or affects production employees in a negative way.

Was the Interim Director able to provide positive and constructive feedback?

Did everything go well during the discussion?

What could have been better?



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