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1: In the following scene, Benjamin (supervisor) and Matt (subordinate) are seated at the table in Benjamin’s office. There are day planners and folders on the table.

Benjamin: Matt, I got your idea from the suggestion box. Your plan to reroute internal design jobs through the same channels as the external design jobs sounds like a good one.

Matt: Thanks, Mr. Sullivan. It just seemed to make sense to me, and I know you encourage us to share our ideas.

Benjamin: That's right. I can’t honestly predict the success of your idea, but it needs to be investigated. Are you willing to take charge of this project and see what can be done with it? If you’ll agree to follow through, I’ll give you the green light.

What did Benjamin do to empower Matt?

How does encouraging initiative help an organization?

2: Place the following steps for empowering employees in the proper order.

Encourage new ideas

Encourage initiative

Encourage courage

Encourage commitment

Encourage creativity

3: Pat has to meet two line managers from Icon’s Industrial Services and Manufacturing division. They are concerned about the increasingly low morale of their employees. They are having a difficult time keeping their employees motivated and satisfied.

Pat has to offer them advice and suggestions that will make the emotional culture in their departments more positive. Throughout the discussion, Pat should answer their questions and address their concerns.

The first line manager is passive and has a tendency to withhold feelings. This manager is a team player, but sometimes lets a fear of failure stand in the way of success. During disagreements, the first line manager plays the role of peacemaker.

The second line manager is a hard-working individual with an easygoing attitude. This manager is known for patience, determination, and good humor. The second line manager believes there is a way to work out every problem, and only becomes frustrated when the lines of communication break down and progress toward a solution ceases.

Did Pat effectively answer the managers’ questions and concerns?

Do you think the discussion helped the two line managers?



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