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B-1:. Negotiating a raise

Do it!

1: Why do you think it is important to research the comparable salaries for your position before negotiating for a raise?
2: The Quality Control Manager in the Plastic Casing Department has to meet with his or her supervisor to negotiate a raise. It has been two years since the manager received a pay increase. This manager is a hardworking leader with a positive attitude.

The last year of the Quality Control Manager's career has been very successful. The manager served on a variety of departmental teams and committees where the manager's inputs were highly regarded. The Quality Control Manager was named manager of the month twice and received the prestigious Icon Horizon Award for a study he or she headed up. This study resulted in the development of a process for shaping plastics that will save both time and money over $85,000 per year. Finally, the manager also coordinated a campaign to raise public awareness of Icon’s Environmental Protection Measures, which helped bring in several large clients.

In preparation of this meeting, this manager analyzed what other Quality Control Managers in similar companies are paid, and discovered that the salary he or she receives is slightly less than the industry norm. The manager also reviewed the job description and knows that his or her involvement in the Extrusion Efficiency Study far exceeds the minimum requirements of the job.

The supervisor is the Production Manager for the Plastic Casing Department of Icon’s International Services and Manufacturing Division. This supervisor is a tough but fair manager, and is notorious for taking hard-line approach to employees’ work ethics. The supervisor demands outstanding performances from them. This supervisor rewards his employees for good service, but does so only when convinced beyond a doubt that the reward is deserved. The supervisor can be pushy and overbearing at times, and is easily agitated.

What kind of boss is the Production Manager?

Was the Quality Control Manager able to negotiate the raise?

What went wrong during the discussion?



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