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1: Watch the movie clip and then answer the following questions.

What kind of role is Nicholas exhibiting?

What are the characteristics of this role?

2: In the following scene, Benjamin (supervisor) and Laurie (subordinate) are seated at the table in Benjamin’s office. There are day planners and folders on the table.

Benjamin: Laurie, I know that everyone here at Icon likes you and enjoys talking with you. I wondered if you've heard anything, good or bad, about the memo that went out last week?

Laurie: Actually, I've heard several positive comments. The only concern I've heard anyone mention involves the vacation request policy. Several people are concerned that it will change.

Benjamin: I was afraid that mentioning it in the memo with the other changes might make it sound that way. I'll send out another memo to clarify that. Thanks, Laurie.

What role does Laurie play in the given situation?

What are the characteristics of people performing this role?

3: Match each set of characteristics listed below to one of the following roles: clerical sources, alliances, anonymous powers, gossipmongers, and narrators.

Like to embellish details

Have close relationships with apparent powers

Tell stories

Two or more people joined together for a common purpose

Most helpful when dispensing information upward

4: Which of the following is a characteristic of a guardian?
  1. Caretakers of an organization

  2. Extremely loyal to a person in a position of power

  3. Like to embellish details

  4. Have a close relationship with an apparent power

5: Pat has to meet with a supervisor from the Receiving department. This supervisor has been recently transferred from Icon’s Chicago division, and has had a difficult time adjusting to the cultural network in the Boston office.

Pat has to discuss the cultural network and make the supervisor feel more comfortable with the communication process. Pat should explain the communication process and make suggestions on how the supervisor can improve the effectiveness of communication.

The supervisor has a friendly disposition, a good sense of humor, and a positive attitude. This person sets high goals in work but needs frequent reassurance and encouragement. In times of stress, the supervisor can become emotional and distrustful and has a tendency to offer excuses when confronted with conflict.

How did the discussion go?

Was Pat able to explain the communication process to the supervisor?

What went wrong during their discussion?



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