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1: Watch the movie clip and then answer the following questions.

Did Patricia offer Pam a clear answer?

How did Patricia create an environment for continued communication?

2: Examine the following actions and then put the steps for apologizing to your subordinates in the proper order.

Listen to those who have been affected by your error

Propose and explain solutions Offer a sincere apology

Assess the error and the damage that has been caused

3: Pat Kramer has to meet two engineers in the Research and Development Department of Icon’s Industrial Services and Manufacturing Division. These engineers are designing experimental equipment for the Plastic Casing department that will be more efficient. This equipment is called EE3. A few days after the engineers received the design specifications for EE3, senior management added a new stipulation to the specifications. The equipment must now be capable of dealing with a second composite material, MF-315, as well as the original material, MF-300. Pat was part of the meeting and knew about this apparently minor change. However, because of a miscommunication, the two engineers were not made aware of the change and their current designs accommodate only MF-300. Consequently, they must alter the designs. The deadline to complete their designs is one week away. This deadline is not negotiable.

Pat needs to find a solution to the problem. If Pat discovers that the miscommunication was due to an error on his/her part, Pat must effectively apologize to the engineers. It is probable that they will ask for more time to complete the designs. If so, Pat must effectively refuse their request.

The first engineer is an intelligent and systematic individual. This person’s attention to detail and need for precision make the person an excellent engineer. However, these qualities can make the first engineer somewhat hard to work with because this person always wants things done right the first time. The first does not deal with change well, and has a short temper that often makes it communication difficult.

The second engineer is a hard working individual with an easy going attitude. This person is known for patience, determination, and good humor. The second engineer believes there is a way to work out every problem, and only becomes frustrated when the lines of communication break down and progress toward a solution ceases.

Do you think Pat created this situation?

Was Pat able to refuse the engineers' request for more time for completing the designs?

What went right during their discussion?

What went wrong during their discussion?



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