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1: Watch the movie clip and then answer the following questions.

Was Julia able to develop a solution to Ms. Dawson’s problem?

Did she identify someone who could help Ms. Dawson? Why?

2: In the following scene, Laurie McMillan is making a follow up call.

Laurie: Hello, this is Laurie McMillan from Icon International. I’d like to speak with Mr. Carr please.

Laurie: Hello, Mr. Carr, I’m calling on behalf of Shelly Neal to make sure your replacement order was delivered, and to answer any questions you might have.

Laurie: Yes, the brochures list our 24-hour, toll-free service number and our website address, so if anyone needs help, they'll be able to contact us right away.

Laurie: Well, I'm glad to hear that. I hope it will be helpful. Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any more questions. Goodbye Mr. Carr.

Now, discuss the following:

Did Laurie make sure that Mr. Carr’s needs were met? How?

3: Place the following steps for responding to customer complaints in proper order.

Develop a solution

Confirm the problem

Obtain all pertinent information

Express empathy

Follow up

4: You receive a call from an annoyed customer. The product that the customer purchased is not compatible with a computer. You know that if an additional driver worth $25 is installed, the product can be made compatible.

How well did the performing student handle the complaint?

Did the student follow the steps for responding to customer complaints?

5: Your instructor will choose two students to enact the following situation.

You have ordered a video camera that is compatible with a computer. You went on vacation and used the camera extensively. When you plugged the video camera into your computer, you received an error message: “Not compatible”. You call the vendor to discuss your problem.

How did the student who played the vendor respond to the customer's complaint?



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