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1: Watch the movie clip and then answer the following questions.

What kind of question did Nicholas ask?

What assumption did Nicholas make?

What is the impact of asking questions based on a faulty assumption?

2: Identify the types of questions you should avoid asking.
  1. Statement questions

  2. Questions that seek a vague response

  3. Determination questions

  4. Questions that seek a specific response

  5. False questions

  6. Assumption questions

  7. Hidden agenda questions

3: Your instructor will choose one student to play the role of a person who has just taken over as Interim Director of Industrial Casing Products. Senior management has assigned to the Interim Director the task of reducing the number of different styles of cases manufactured. This task is necessary to increase efficiency. The Interim Director now has to meet the managers of the marketing and engineering departments. This is his first interaction with them in his new role as their interim supervisor.

The Interim Director needs to make a positive first impression and build rapport while discussing changes to the industrial casing product line.

The Engineering Manager is a confident, sociable individual who is well liked in the company. He enjoys generating ideas and many employees seek his advice when confronted with a difficult problem. However, he dislikes managing the details involved in implementing his ideas and sometimes needs assistance to finish them.

The Marketing Manager is a quiet, intelligent individual who is dedicated and hard working. She prefers to work alone and is uncomfortable in group settings. She often will not share her ideas unless she is prompted or feels the conversation is severely off-track.

Was the Interim Director able to make a positive first impression?

What did he do to try to build rapport?

Do you think the Interim Director applied the guidelines for establishing credibility?



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