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Chapter 9. Unit summary: Pronouns, adjec... > Independent practice activity

Independent practice activity

1: Identify the type of pronoun used in the following sentences.

Their main objective is to scare students.

Which report is due on Friday?

This is your Beatles record.

The bonuses went to the employees who worked on the Kramer account.

2: Determine the category of the underlined pronoun in the following sentences.

Sentence Category
The supplier sent the fax to them. 
We went to the break room for lunch. 
The new printer was placed on your desk. 

3: Identify the sentences that contain two consecutive adjectives.
  1. The thick brown book contained useless rules.

  2. I bought a special gift for my husband.

  3. I bought a beautiful red purse for you.

  4. John had a headache after reading the detailed report.

4: Write the comparative and superlative degrees for the following words.

Positive Comparative Superlative

5: Identify the underlined word in the following sentences.

She had 17 voice mail messages.

  1. Descriptive adjective

  2. Compound personal pronoun

  3. Positive adverb

  4. Nominative pronoun

The eight-member task force met every Friday.

  1. Descriptive adjective

  2. Limiting adjective

  3. Comparative adjective

  4. Positive adverb

They briefly spoke in the hallway before going into the meeting.

  1. Descriptive adjective

  2. Adverb

  3. Superlative adverb

  4. Comparative adverb



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