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Part IX: Punctuation and mechanics > Unit summary: Punctuation and mechanics - Pg. 110

7 ­ 6 Grammar Skills Word Who Word Whom Descriptions "Who" is used when the pronoun is performing the action. Who only refers to people and is usually the subject. "Whom" is used when the pronoun is being acted upon and is used as the object. Than Then "Than" is a conjunction used to introduce a comparison. "Then" is an adverb that indicates an event next in order. Real Really "Real" is an adjective. Examples Peter was the officer who captured the criminal. Peter is the officer whom the chief honored. Barbara works more hours than I work each week. I went to the grocery store and then I went home. The merger posed a real threat to the company. The department move was really inconvenient for us. Maybe we could ask Margaret for some assistance. It may be a good idea to ask Margaret for some assistance. "Really" is an adverb. Maybe May be "Maybe" is an adverb that means perhaps. "May be" is a verb phrase.