Pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs 2 ­ 7 Compound personal pronouns{ xe "Pronouns:Compound { personal"} } Explanation Compound personal pronouns such as "myself," "ourselves," "yourself," "yourselves," "herself," "himself," "themselves," and "itself," should be used in the following three circumstances: · When a person or a thing acts upon itself: "She hurt herself on the machine." · When they are repeated for emphasis: "He himself will make that decision." · When they act as a predicate nominative, which is a noun that follows a linking verb and renames the subject: "Before we left, she became herself again." However, you should not use compound personal pronouns if they do not relate to another pronoun or noun in the same sentence. For example, "You can expect to hear from myself and my attorney" is incorrect. The sentence should be "You can expect to hear from me and my attorney." Do it! 0A-4: Identifying compound personal pronouns Exercises 1 Select the word that is considered as a compound personal pronoun. A B C D She They Itself Sally 2 The following sentences use a compound personal pronoun. True or False? He wrote a reminder to himself on the desk calendar. The president herself will be visiting the division. You can eat lunch with me and Kathy if you like.