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1: Select the sentence that includes an intransitive verb.
  1. The girl decided on ordering the chicken.

  2. The student graduated with honors.

  3. The dog ate the bone.

  4. The employee completed the report.

2: Change the following sentences to active voice.

A pay increase was requested by the clerk.

This package was delivered by a mail carrier.

The proposal has been reviewed by the Standards Committee.

This machine has been kept in perfect condition.

3: Write a paragraph about what you plan to do during the company holiday.
4: Exchange paragraphs with your partner

Convert your partner’s paragraph into past tense

Exchange paragraphs again

You should have your own paragraph now.

Identify the regular and irregular verbs used in the paragraph

5: Identify the correct verb tense in the following sentences.

_______ has always made him happy. (Worked/Working)

Paul’s job is ________ the data. (to organize/organizing)

The ____ reports are in the conference room. (faxed/faxing)

The report _______ by Mark. (was given/giving)

The accounting department ______ the new statistics to the next meeting. (bringing/will bring)

The billing statements _______ on Friday. (will be mailed/ mailed)

The software ________ on Jim’s computer. (installed/was installed)

The co-workers passed around the award-_______ ad campaign. (win/winning)

The boss poured everyone a _______ cup of coffee. (steaming/steam)

6: Replace the incorrect forms of the verbs in the sentences below.

While the dog barked, the class is silent.

When the wind blows, the flag made a loud, snapping noise.

When I lose my diamond ring, I was lying on the beach.

When I first heard that song, I am in my car.



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