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1: Topical organization arranges the main points in the order in which they naturally occur. True or False?
  1. True

  2. False

2: Read the following scene. Mary (Reg. Vice President of Sales) is sitting at her desk working. Caroline (District Manager) enters.

Caroline: (cautious) Mary, do you still have time to get together with me today to talk about my presentation?

Mary: (friendly) Yes, I was just finishing up. What can I help you with?

Caroline: (a little frustrated) I’m trying to decide how I should organize the body of my presentation. I want it to be easy for the audience to follow along.

Mary: (helpful) What are the main points you want to make in the body of your presentation?

Caroline: (explaining) I mostly want to discuss the problems customers have been experiencing and how our product can eliminate those problems.

Mary: (suggesting) Oh, you want to use problem-solution organization. I've had a lot of success organizing presentations this way. You could talk about all the problems in the first main point and then reveal the solution to those problems in the second main point.

Now, discuss the following:

Why can’t you use chronological organization here?

3: Give an example of a presentation that uses topical organization.
4: With medical presentations, a speaker discusses the symptoms and causes of a disease. What method of organization should be used?
5: When using a cause-effect organization, what should be discussed first, the cause or the effect?



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