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1: You should maintain a consistent rate of delivery during your presentation. True or False?
  1. True

  2. False

2: When done using a visual aid, you should:
  1. Leave it on display

  2. Remove it from view

  3. Pass it around the room

  4. Set it aside

3: Read the following scene. Nicholas (District Manager) is standing, giving a presentation in the conference room. Carla and Dana are audience members. For the first section, Carla and Dana are not interested in the presentation. Carla is writing in her day planner or on other notes. She is restless. Dana is sitting back in her chair, arms folded across her chest. She does not make eye contact with Nicholas. Nicholas is starting with a slow speech rate and boring delivery. When he notices their behavior, he should increase his speaking rate and energy.

Nicholas: (slow, boring, little vocal variety) I’ve developed several changes for the department that I think will increase productivity, ensure better communication, and create a more cooperative environment. (notices Carla and Dana’s nonverbals) I’m sure that we can implement these plans successfully within a month. If so, then by the end of the year we should see an eight to twelve percent increase in productivity, and we’ll be working in a more positive environment.

State some of the ways that Nicholas should use to capture Carla’s and Dana’s attention.

4: Icon’s International Division is organizing an exhibition titled “Computers in Everyday Life.” As part of the sales team, you have been asked to make a five minute presentation. Each group will be given 10 minutes to prepare the presentation. Any one member from each team will come and give the presentation. Remember that the time limit to give the presentation is five minutes.

Using the Feedback form, rate each presenter according to the parameters specified.



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