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1: Read the following example, identify the type of reasoning, and give the reason to support your answer.

What can you conclude when you make a phone call and receive a busy signal?

2: Give an example for each of the following types of reasoning.

Reasoning by cause 
Inductive reasoning Plato is mortal, Aristotle is mortal, Dr. Kingsley is mortal. Therefore, all people are mortal."
Deductive reasoning 
Reasoning by analogy 

3: Inductive reasoning draws conclusions from specific instances. True or False?
  1. True

  2. False

4: Which of the following guidelines should you use with sign reasoning?
  1. The conclusion follows with certainty from the premises

  2. The attribute is a reliable indication of another condition

  3. The similarities are relevant to the conclusion

  4. There are sufficient similarities between the items

5: Which of the following actions increases your ability to influence an audience that disagrees with you?
  1. Use a positive attitude

  2. Explain your background

  3. Emphasize similarities

  4. Use effective delivery

6: Is evoking an emotional response from an audience the best way to get them to take action? Why or why not?

What are the pros of emotional responses?

What are the cons of emotional responses?

7: Observe the slide shown by the instructor. Do you think it is true?

Observe the next slide.

8: Read the following scene. In the scene, Mary and Dana are sitting in Mary’s office. They have been discussing Dana’s preparation for an upcoming presentation.

Mary: (friendly) Is there anything else I can help you with?

Dana: (concerned) Actually, yes. I want to make sure the audience sees me as a credible speaker. What can I do to enhance my credibility?

9: Now, read the answer given by Mary.

Mary: (explaining) That’s an important question. Credibility is vital if you want to persuade your audience. I think it’s crucial to be prepared, on time, and dressed appropriately. These things show your audience that you respect them. It is also helpful to convey your interest in the audience’s concerns.

Is it beneficial for Dana to enhance her credibility? Give reasons.



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