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1: Identify which of the following are types of presentations.
  1. Instructional presentations

  2. Effective presentations

  3. Background presentations

  4. Decision-making presentations

2: When should you use an informative presentation?
3: When should you use an instructional presentation?
4: Which of the following is required of a decision-making presentation?
  1. Asking for any and all suggestions

  2. Describing all of the possible alternatives

  3. Deciding who will make the final decision

  4. Brainstorming

5: Identify the type of presentation.

Sharing the business progress of the last quarter with the senior management

Sharing your company’s mission with the new recruits

Providing product training to new recruits in your company

Launching a new product

Sharing the available methods of fixing a defect in a new product

Sharing alternate strategies of marketing a new car with the senior management

6: Acme Electronics is a successful TV manufacturing company that produces attractive TV models at competitive prices. However, management has discovered that the sale of Model 528C is declining. Upon investigation, they find that a high number of these sets have needed repairs within the warranty period. A corrective action team (CAT) is assembled to determine and eliminate the causes of the problem, to reduce the warranty cost, and to increase the reliability of Model 528C. You have to share the findings of the CAT team by giving a presentation to the senior management. Which type of presentation would you use and why?
  1. Informative

  2. Instructional

  3. Problem-solving

  4. Decision-making

  5. Persuasive

  6. Reporting



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