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Chapter 7. Writing for an International ... > Illustrations and Screen Captures

Illustrations and Screen Captures

Follow these pointers to maximize the international appeal and comprehension of illustrations and screen captures.

Choose Illustrations to Communicate Internationally

  • Use illustrations instead of text whenever possible to convey a complex concept.

    Ensure that the accompanying text complements the message conveyed by the illustration.

  • Do not insert an illustration into the middle of a sentence.

    See “Placement in Relation to Sentences” on page 211.

  • Remember that not everyone reads from left to right. If necessary, indicate the intended sequence that you want a reader to follow in the illustration, as shown in the following example.

    Example 7-1. Intended Reading Sequence in an Illustration

  • Use illustrations that are internationally acceptable.

    For example, almost every country has its own type of power connector. Instead of illustrating each type of connector, use generic connectors and receptacles, as in the following illustration.

    Example 7-2. Illustration of Internationally Generic Connectors and Receptacles

    However, when describing various types of connectors and receptacles, illustrate and label the specific type used in each country, as in the following example.

    Example 7-3. Illustration of Internationally Specific Connectors and Receptacles



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