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Chapter 10. Working With an Editor > Editor’s Role in Producing Online Document...

Editor’s Role in Producing Online Documents

Editors can help the writers of online documents with the following tasks:

  • Identify the document’s readers and purpose.

    An editor can help a writer use this information to decide which documents to optimize for online, which documents to optimize for print, and how to establish priorities for conversion projects.

  • Define online document structure and the links that are under the writer’s control.

    Writers have control over links that are embedded in the text and links that are in jump lists. However, writers typically do not have control over standard navigational aids such as Back, Forward, and Home, which are predefined in design templates.

  • Ensure that the document accommodates scanning and nonsequential access by readers.

    An editor can help ensure that text complies with online writing style guidelines. See Chapter 4.

  • Assist with a visual inspection of the online document.

    The visual inspection checks for inconsistencies and formatting problems that result from document conversion.

  • Verify that all links are contextually appropriate.

    An editor can review the link wording and surrounding text to ensure that sufficient context minimizes reader disorientation.

  • Verify that links are appropriately placed within the document to avoid overlinking or underlinking.

  • Assist with usability testing.

    Usability testing can determine whether document navigation follows pathways that readers are likely to follow.



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