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Chapter 8. Check-In with the Semicolon > Assessment: Chapter 8

Assessment: Chapter 8

English Power

Directions: Insert commas and semicolons where needed. Key sentences correctly.

  1. Popular hotels are usually booked to capacity during peak times therefore we recommend that you reserve in advance.

  2. If you need assistance call our customer service and be sure to give your membership number.

  3. We offer travel savings to hotels motels and resorts throughout the world for example Montreal Rio de Janeiro Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

  4. On our seven-day package deals to the Caribbean you are entitled to an additional 25 percent discount there is a nominal fee for daily maid service.

  5. For your convenience our 24-hour hotline informs you of the available resort accommodations therefore do not hesitate to call us at any time.

  6. The travel agent who has lived in the Orient has recommended visiting Thailand and Singapore furthermore he is preparing a list of resort hotels.

  7. Our hotel has been refurbished recently its rooms have been restored to their original decor.

  8. Your itinerary has a detailed schedule of your trip namely hotels tours and meals.

  9. Some of our hotels cater to specific customer needs for example Cancun resort complex Kansas City convention center and Orlando family entertainment.

  10. Through our preferred membership program you can save 50 percent off hotel rates in addition you will be able to take advantage of our special vacation packages.



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