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Chapter 9: Marketing Possessives

Chapter 9: Marketing Possessives

Activity A. Building English Power: Apostrophes

  1. The firm's decision to introduce video disks in its marketing plan will affect the advertising department.

  2. Management met to discuss the use of telemarketing to increase the businesses' sales.

  3. A multimedia approach provides opportunities to meet many readers' and listeners' needs.

  4. David and Emily's proposal to study the advantages of direct mailing was given to the marketing research group.

  5. The applicant with five years' experience in fashion display was offered the department manager's position.

  6. Franchises offer an individual the opportunity to be one's own boss.

  7. The Jones's and Burns's companies are merging to increase their productivity.

  8. Salespersons' attitudes often determine customers' decisions to purchase merchandise.

  9. Competitors' prices are influencing the sales policies of the firm and its subsidiaries.

  10. The women's and men's departments are being reorganized to include designer clothing.

  11. We bought three similar CDs for our brothers-in-law's birthdays.

  12. The store is offering a 10 percent discount off the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

  13. Trucks are a popular means of transporting goods because merchandise can go directly from the shipper's place to the customer's business.

  14. The library's new electronic information center will offer access to business periodicals.

  15. Although Jared has the advantage of better locations for his shops than Eric, each of Jared's and Eric's repair shops has a good reputation for fast and satisfactory service.

Activity B. Building Word Power

  1. franchise

  2. franchisee

  3. commission

  4. standalone

  5. subsidiary

  6. supplement

  7. Telemarketing

  8. Network marketing

  9. entrepreneur

  10. franchiser

  11. feasibility

  12. rebate



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