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Chapter 5: Lots of Commas in Real Estate

Chapter 5: Lots of Commas in Real Estate

Activity A. Building English Power: Comma Conjunction

  1. The home improvement business has become a major industry, and future trends indicate a growing market.

  2. The custom-built homes are designed by a well-known architect, but the prices are moderate.

  3. The residential community is located near the highway and is convenient to major shopping malls. (Correct)

  4. The five acres of land will be sold to individual buyers or to a real estate developer. (Correct)

  5. Mortgage rates have been low during the last year, and that will affect future sales.

  6. Office space rents by the square foot and is quite costly in desirable business districts. (Correct)

  7. Waterfront property has become increasingly expensive, but buyers are always interested in purchasing such real estate.

  8. The tenant owes three months' rent, and that is the reason the landlord will take legal action.

  9. Congratulations on your election to the governance committee of the building, and the Board thanks you for your contributions to good management.

  10. The architect's design for the neighborhood park has been completed, and construction should begin in two months.

  11. The land will be sold by the acre and parceled out in smaller lots. (Correct)

  12. The property has easy access to the downtown area, and that site is located right off Exit 23 on the interstate highway.

  13. The court ruling prohibits the use of wetlands for commercial development, but the firm will appeal the case.

  14. A day-care center will be built in the new corporate park, and it will be available to employees and the community.

  15. The Association of Realtors will hold its annual conference in June, and we urge individuals who are interested in the field of real estate to attend the meeting.

Activity B. Building Word Power

  1. references

  2. town code

  3. Debris

  4. periodically

  5. index

  6. principal

  7. lease

  8. security deposit

  9. corporate park

  10. Realtors

  11. mortgage

  12. condominium

  13. cooperative

  14. prorating

  15. delinquent



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