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Chapter 3: Investing in Subject-Verb Agreement

Chapter 3: Investing in Subject-Verb Agreement

Activity A. Building English Power: Subject–Verb Agreement

  1. Foreign demand for American technology is increasing.

    Plural Form: demands, are increasing

  2. The number of stockholders is demanding more communication from corporate executives.

    Plural Form: A number, are

  3. Neither the employee nor the manager agrees with the arbitrator's decision.

    Plural Form: employees, managers, agree

  4. There is a concern about the company's financial condition.

    Plural Form: are, concerns

  5. The report in which we compare multinational corporations appears in several business magazines.

    Plural Form: reports, appear

  6. The enclosed pamphlet from the brokerage firm gives information on a variety of mutual funds.

    Plural Form: pamphlets, give

  7. Each of the brokers predicts an upswing in the stock market.

    Plural Form: All, predict

  8. A seminar on financial planning is offered by the local bank.

    Plural Form: Seminars, are offered

  9. There is a tax-free municipal bond which pays a high dividend.

    Plural Form: are, bonds, pay

  10. Everyone agrees that individuals should have a savings plan.

    Plural Form: All, agree

  11. Either a U.S. savings bond or a treasury note is a secure investment.

    Plural Form: bonds, notes, are

  12. Each financial decision impacts your net worth.

    Plural Form: (ALL) decisions, impact

  13. The stock price of the electronic company has increased during the past year.

    Plural Form: prices, have increased

  14. The fund which invests in diversified stocks has a high rate of performance.

    Plural Form: funds, invest, have

  15. Neither the bank nor the investment firm was willing to underwrite the project.

    Plural Form: banks, firms, were willing

Activity B. Building Word Power

  1. bonds

  2. securities

  3. stocks

  4. prospectus

  5. investments

  6. investment portfolio

  7. mutual fund

  8. stockbroker

  9. glossary

  10. multinational

  11. proxy



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