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Chapter 11: Governing Quotations

Chapter 11: Governing Quotations

Activity A. Building English Power: Quotation Marks

  1. The town supervisor stated, If you have any suggestions on ways in which we can improve the town, please contact my office.”

  2. Property taxes will increase by 10 percent,” stated the controller, unless we reduce spending.

  3. Are you interested in the newly formed civic association? asked my neighbor.

  4. The judge suggested that a community service program could be an alternative means of punishment for minor offenses. (Reported speech)

  5. The notice read as follows: A public hearing to discuss housing will be held on April 15, 2000, at Town Hall.

  6. You, an active civic leader, are invited to attend the meeting on Thursday,” stated the council president.

  7. I asked, Have you seen the article titled 'Federal Budget' which appeared in the Tribune Herald last week?”

  8. Did the community leader say, We need to have greater recreation facilities for our youth”?

  9. Do you plan to attend the program called “Multicultural Interaction that is being sponsored by the Community Development Department? (Reported Speech)

  10. As you know, commented the congresswoman, we are introducing legislation to give financial assistance to college students.

  11. My friend asked, Have you read the article 'The Role of Government in the 1990s'?”

  12. With the changes in traffic patterns, announced the legislator, we need to revise our noise ordinance.

  13. Is it possible that the trial will be postponed?” asked the lawyer.

  14. In honoring the town resident Jim O'Connor, the mayor said, Jim's dedication to his neighbors has helped our quality of life.

  15. The civic association member asked, Why were the beautification plans for Main Street postponed until the spring?”

Activity B. Building Word Power

  1. fiscal

  2. multicultural

  3. legislation

  4. stalled

  5. diminished

  6. budget

  7. legislator

  8. town council

  9. municipal

  10. alternative

  11. bulk

  12. ordinance

  13. commissioner

  14. assessment



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