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Chapter 8. Solving Problems Through Trip... > Sample Outline for a Feasibility Stu...

Sample Outline for a Feasibility Study

Having reviewed these particulars with Tammy, Al had a much better idea of what to include in his report. He decided that some brief mention should be made of their early drilling problems, just to honor the accuracy of the descriptive information section, but he wouldn't need to dwell on these problems. He also decided that the use of defunct potash mine shafts should be clearly explained as an alternative, despite the fact that he didn't think that his own management was very interested in the alternative. In addition, he would walk his readers through the process of elimination that he had gone through to provide what he saw as the most feasible alternative: keep looking. His report thus became a very straightforward job, with the following organization:

  1. Abstract or Executive Summary. This section of the report contains Al's conclusion that the project is not feasible in any of the sites so far. He also notes here his recommendation to keep looking, but to shift the search to the southwest by 50 miles.

  2. Description of the Problem and Summary of Testing. This is where Al summarizes the problem of finding new sites and presents a chronological summary-level review of the four months of testing.

  3. Discussion. Briefly, Al summarizes the alternatives being considered.

  4. Conclusions and Recommendation. Al lists these for his readers.

  5. Analysis. Al walks his readers through the evaluation and process of elimination by which he reached his conclusion and recommendation. This discussion serves as the rationale for his recommendation, and includes financial and schedule consequences that would result from his recommendation.

  6. Future Needs. Al lays out what work has to be done from this point on.



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