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  1. Patricia Wynjenek's report to Las Almas Buenas is a combination of the two formats for completion reports outlined in this chapter. It does not take the exact form of the nonacademic completion report for government, corporate, or industrial groups; neither does it take the exact form of the report of primary research for academic groups. And yet the commentary has claimed the formatting and reporting successful. Do you agree?

    Given Wynjenek's obligations to Las Almas Buenas and to another, later academic audience, analyze specifically how the report is set up and whether it is successful in meeting the needs of both audiences and of Wynjenek herself. You will have to define what those needs are in each case.

    Do this task as a class or in small groups, and be specific in your analysis.

  2. The kinds of completion reports discussed in this chapter are by no means the only ways of presenting the results of research. Several others, such as manuals, brochures, and pamphlets, can be the appropriate products of legitimate research; it all depends on the purpose of the research and the audience who will benefit from reading about it.

    If your research calls for a different kind of final presentation, you should plan its formatting before the work is actually completed. To aid in this planning, go to the library or to the Internet, and find at least two samples of final presentations that would be appropriate for the kind of research you are doing. Analyze them for how well they meet the needs of both audiences and writers. Consider not only what has been written but also how it has been presented, and then decide how the presentations may be adapted to fit your needs.

    You may do this task with others who are working on similar kinds of projects; the final product should be a detailed outline of your plan.


  1. Following the “Assignment” section is a completion report written by a student in a technical and professional writing class (see Figure 7.7). The student proposed her own project in her major, set up the audience she wanted to address, and decided on the form she thought would best address her readers. The report gives you an idea of what students can accomplish in their majors, as they put together their first formal completion report. We don't intend it as a model you should copy, but as a demonstration of work done by a fellow traveler.

    Evaluate the student report. Your comments should address not only audience considerations, but also such issues as consistency with the proposal work and the extent to which the report adheres to the principles discussed in this chapter. What is admirable about the report? What is weak?



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