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Chapter 13. Solving Problems Through Ora... > The Naturalness of Oral Communicatio... - Pg. 303

Solving Problems Through Oral Presentations · Term Project Option 303 CASE STUDY: Leah Feldstein's Office EDUCARE, Inc. 1200 Stone Way, Suite 500 Seattle, Washington Leah Feldstein returned to her office at a markedly slow pace. She had just come out of a meeting with EDUCARE's director, John Fiske, who had let her in on some very unsettling news. He con- firmed the rumors that had been flying around that the U.S. Department of Education was planning to cut its funding to drug education and rehabilitation programs, and that an assessment team were on their way to the West Coast to determine which programs in the major cities should be cut and which ones saved. If EDUCARE were cut, there might be a loss of up to 25 percent of its funding. Such a cut, coupled with other likely cuts from the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services and the state of Washington, would effectively wipe out EDUCARE's funding. All that would be left would be money from private foundations and private donations, which currently accounted for only 23 percent of the budget. The long-term future looked pretty bleak but was still unknown. The immediate future, on the other hand, was very clearly known, and its bleakness was beside the point. EDUCARE would have to wage an all-out effort to convince the government that it was a program that needed to be saved. And Leah's part in that effort, she found out today, would start with an oral presentation to the assessment team coming out from Washington, D.C. As Director of Client Relations, Leah had responsibility for the general direction of the drug education program in the public schools, outreach work to identify adolescents who are using drugs and who would benefit from specific education and rehabilitation, and supervision of other social workers who act as counselors of adolescents inside and outside the public schools. John Fiske wanted her to present to the team, who were due to arrive for their initial assessment on October 25, the strongest achievements that the program