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Direct Your Career > Identify Career Move Options - Pg. 2

Direct Your Career 2 Assess the Situation Whether you are presently employed and experiencing a plateau or you have lost your job and need to be gainfully employed, first determine what you need from employment to feel satisfied. In pre- paring to look for new employment, the fundamental question is: What kind of employment will restore your passion for work, serve your present priorities, and allow you to grow and develop as a professional? Consider the questions presented in the sidebar Assess Your Work Situation to decide if you want to begin planning a career change. Assess Your Work Situation Answer the following list of questions and then review the results. Based on your answers, how satisfied are you with your job or were you with your previous job? If you are currently employed, should you look for a new job? Describe why. If you are unemployed, to what extent are you looking forward to new employment? Why? · Do you feel that your work is meaningful and rewarding? · Are your skills, knowledge, and abilities used to the fullest? · How do you feel about your supervisor? How would you describe your relationship? · How would you describe your co-workers and your relationship with them? · How do you feel about the job? Do you feel that you have a match with your organization's culture and mission? · Does the job provide any opportunities for advancement? Are there positions in the organization that you would like to achieve? · Is your salary fair in relation to industry standards? · Is your salary above the national average for your position level and responsibilities? · Have your professional interests and focus changed? Will your position be able to expand to accommodate those changes?