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Chapter 21. Concept Over Process > What Is a Process-Driven Mindset? - Pg. 138

Concept Over Process 138 COP has become the backbone to my career as a technologist, consultant, and mentor to other technologists. Many have found it instrumental as a career development tool. Its unique approach properly emphasizes strong conceptual knowledge over straight technical know-how. Technology professionals who adopt a COP mindset are better able to produce comprehensive business solutions and are more adept at proactive analysis and recommendations. Management recognizes these people more quickly because their solutions, language, and focus are unique in the business model orientation. What Is a Process-Driven Mindset? Technology professionals put an incredible amount of time and energy into understanding the how- to of technology. They understand methods. They perfect the process-driven tasks that make their technology implementations optimal. However, technologists are far less interested and often do not understand the why of technology --what the technology is for. By that, I don't mean the tasks that a given technology performs. Once again, that is the process. What technologists overlook is a comprehensive understanding of the business challenge--the business model, how it makes money, what products or services it produces, the interrelationship among vendors, departments, clients, and so on. These were the items that were of utmost impor- tance to me and to my boss. Technology, when understood in this context, is simply a tool to achieve some optimization of an already existing or developing business model. The technology is not the business; in fact, tech- nology is the wrong area of focus for developing good technical solutions.