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Introduction > Help Navigating This Book

Help Navigating This Book

To make this journey to financial know-how easier, this book uses a series of icons that you can use along your roadmap to success. These icons serve as signposts and can tell you what is important to remember, point out key facts along the way, and let you know when it is time to try something on your own. Here are the icons you can expect to see:

In This Chapter: Look for this icon to tell you what will be found in each of the book’s chapters. This signpost is especially important because this book builds from general business information to specific application about communicating your value.

Here’s the Point: One of the special features of this book is that it speaks directly to WLP professionals. Just so that the point of discussion about reading financial statements does not get lost, look for this icon to tell you concisely why understanding a concept is important.

ABC MediCompany Case Study: One of the ways that this book explains its concepts is through the use of a fictional organization called the ABC MediCompany. You can follow the progress of the WLP professionals working with this company by following the icons throughout the book.

Let’s Review: At the end of each chapter you’ll find a set of bullets informing you about the key learning you should have gained in the chapter and providing you with a financial learning challenge.

Website: In many of the chapters, you’ll find one or more exercises that will help you apply the concepts in this book to your own work. These exercises may be easier for you to complete if you can print larger versions or multiple copies. When you see the Website/CD icon, you will be able to find a downloadable version of the exercise at www.astd.org/astd/publications. For your convenience we have included a CD-ROM at the back of this book with the same set of exercises just in case an Internet connection is not immediately available.



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