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Part II: Mind Your Manners > Model Mealtime Etiquette

Chapter 14. Model Mealtime Etiquette

Your bread plate is on your left; drinks and cups are on your right.

You may begin eating when people on both sides of you have been served.

Bring food to your mouth, not your mouth to the food.

Do not hold your fork or spoon as if it were a shovel.

Do not tuck your napkin into your collar.

Use silverware from the outside in.

Rest used silverware on your plate; never put used silverware on the table.

Use chopsticks only if you are proficient; otherwise, ask for a fork.

Do not put your personal fork or spoon into a common dish. Ask for a serving utensil if one is not provided.

Never reach across the table for something; ask someone to pass the dish to you.

Use your knife to cut fruit from the core and your fork to bring the pieces to your mouth.

Cut and eat one piece of meat at a time.

Cut or pull chicken off the bone with your knife and fork, then cut it into bite-sized pieces.

Never leave your spoon in a cup or soup bowl after using it. Put it on the saucer.

Spread cheese with either a fork or a knife.

Sip coffee or tea with a spoon if it is too hot to drink normally.

Put sugar or butter wrappers under the edge of your plate, on the edge of your butter plate, or in the ashtray if no one is using it.

Use a serving spoon to get jam from a jar, put the jam on your butter plate, and use your knife to spread it on your bread.

When you are finished, put your silverware on the plate at the 4 o’clock position to tell the server that he or she can take your plate. Don’t push your plate away from you and don’t put your napkin on it.

Keep your elbows off the table; forearms are okay.

Adapted from Business Etiquette and Professionalism by M.Kay duPont, Crisp Publications.



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