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Part V: Cope with Challenges > Professionalism Assessment

Appendix. Professionalism Assessment

Now that you have finished this book, test your new knowledge of professionalism by answering True or False to each statement.

  1. False. Never chew gum at work. It is unprofessional and looks childish.

2. True. Never ask someone what he or she earns.

3. True. Courtesy requires you to ask permission.

4. False. Use the phone and call to apologize.

5. False. Never wear clothing that you would wear to the beach. Always look businesslike. You never know when you may have to greet a customer.

6. False. Always ask permission to smoke, even if there are ashtrays on the table. If anyone objects, don’t light up. Some organizations and communities ban smoking in the workplace.

7. False. Doors are held for customers and senior employees, regardless of gender.

8. True. Courtesy requires that you stand when being introduced to someone, regardless of gender.

9. False. It’s never a good idea to gossip about co-workers. You may earn a reputation as a troublemaker.

10. False. Sick days are to be used only when you are sick. It is unethical to call in sick if you aren’t ill.

11. False. It’s your responsibility to make sure the other person understands what you want done.

12. False. Asking questions is a valuable learning tool.

13. False. It’s never acceptable to arrive late. Courtesy requires you to be punctual.

14. False. The host, regardless of gender, pays the bill.

15. False. Sending jokes using the company’s e-mail system is not acceptable. Some companies have an e-mail policy and violations can lead to termination.

16. False. You may not post anything that another person would find offensive or that violates discrimination or harassment laws.

17. True. Dating people you work with can be dangerous when the romance sours. Some companies have policies about dating in the workplace. Find out what your company’s policy is.

18. True. Professional people take responsibility for their mistakes and learn from them.

19. False. You may not ask questions about another person’s medical history.

20. True. Endearments may be offensive to others and may violate harassment laws.



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