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Part V: APPENDIX > Action Verb Statements

Appendix. Action Verb Statements

Here is a list of phrases you can use to bullet-point your résumé. Use these phrases as ideas to assist you in developing your own list of accomplishments. As you read through them, remember your goal is to highlight your accomplishments, not to explain each bullet point in detail. Any interviewer interested in discussing these further will ask for clarification in the interview. Try combining the ideas presented here to personalize your document.

Analyzed negative sales variances and reduced cash outflows by 55%.

Assessed XYZ’s technology potential and gained support of the executive team to invest $9 million in new product development.

Challenged our forecasting techniques and reduced report preparation time by 10 hours a month as a result.

Controlled overhead expenses and reduced total cash outlay by 22%.

Coordinated the divestiture process for the sales of a major business segment.

Created the Opportunity for Continuous Improvement Committee, increasing employee input into the operation of the business.

Created a highly profitable independent subsidiary by integrating two business segments into one viable business.

Demonstrated a 12% staff-time reduction through process re-engineering.

Designed a new instrument for the diagnoses of infectious diseases and received a patent for the design.

Directed the activity of 30 team members to resolve operational issues negatively impacting the manufacturing department.

Directed 20 operators, technicians, and engineers to complete contract negotiations ahead of schedule and $4 million under plan.

Developed and installed a non-punitive discipline system to proactively impact negative work behaviors before they became problematic.

Developed, planned, and managed two cost-cutting automation tools from inception to implementation.

Developed a synergistic leadership team and won the Excellence in Operations Award in 1998 and 1999.

Established a customer service group to proactively increase customer input and to quickly resolve complaints.

Established in-house instrument service capability saving $3 million in previously outsourced dollars annually.

Expanded international sales from $1.5 million to $25 million resulting in profitability within two years.

Facilitated several vice presidential level meetings to strategize the next budget and our expansion into new markets.

Facilitated a team from three departments to create twenty-five new design practices.

Redesigned the management development process for strategic human resource planning.

Reduced customer complaints by 50% by establishing a program to follow up on complaints within 24 hours of their receipt.

Managed the XYZ project, bringing it in on time and within approved budget allocations.

Managed a task force to create and implement computer programs to reduce span time 45% and cut man-hours 60% for proposal design analysis.

Optimized the design of a new product, bringing it in under plan and on time.

Restructured domestic operations to properly align all business segments resulting in increased business efficiencies.

Supervised a staff of twenty sales representatives to plan over-achievement of 20%.



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