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Self Empowerment Checklist

A successful mentee is self-empowered and takes action to get the most out of the mentoring opportunity. Review this list carefully and check ( ) the items that would be beneficial to your development.

Learn techniques for strengthening personal health and wellness

Develop win-win negotiating skills

Use a system of ethical exercise and growth

Strengthen communication skills (writing, speaking, listening)

Invest time and effort in helping others (demonstrated caring)

Practice team-building skills—bringing people to consensus

Pursue deeper levels of job knowledge and skills

Acquire and practice trust-building skills and behaviors

Exercise to enhance physical strength, energy and stamina

Seek ways to build personal empathy and better understanding of others

Identify personal negative habits and reduce them

Develop and practice assertiveness (versus aggressive) skills

Practice sharing your ideas, skills and knowledge more broadly

Learn and practice conflict resolution skills

Strengthen one’s character by study and application

Apply a system for problem identification, analysis and decision making

Master techniques for managing personal stress productively

Manage one’s time more productively

Practice positive self-projection (in speech, dress, self-image, and so on)

Seek ways to broaden personal vision and imagination

Search for ways to enhance interpersonal sensitivity and awareness

Relish and use positive and constructive humor

Develop and repeat positive affirmations about one’s constructive attributes

Practice affirmations about an enhanced level of optimism and positive thinking

Take initiative more often and generate the energy required to do so

Other: _________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________



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