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Chapter 6. The First Day > Wardrobe and Grooming Adjustments

Wardrobe and Grooming Adjustments

After getting the lay of the land as far as dress standards are concerned, most people make adjustments. Check the following examples.

Estelle was more enthusiastic about her new office job than she expected, but she was not prepared for the sophistication and highfashion image her coworkers communicated. Result? Estelle shifted toward the top end of her wardrobe, took more care in coordinating, and devoted more time to selecting jewelry and making up her face. It didn’t affect her productivity, but it made her more comfortable.

In an attempt to make a good impression his first day on the job, Greg dressed like he was going to a wedding. He soon discovered that his department (drafting) was rather casual. Two employees wore jeans. Result? Greg took off his coat and tie and the following day (careful not to go overboard) wore slacks, a conservative sport shirt, and loafers.

Jerri accepted her new job knowing she would have to wear a prescribed uniform. The prospect didn’t thrill her. Within a few days (after receiving more than one compliment) she discovered the standard uniform allowed her to highlight her facial makeup and her hair. Result? She relaxed and decided to take advantage of the situation.

Jake, accepting his first job in a department store, was amazed at the high dress standards. In discussing the matter with his supervisor over a soft drink, his superior said: “It is not only what you wear but how you keep your hair and beard trimmed, cleanliness, and all that goes with it that is important here. Our customers are sophisticated and our management is demanding. Hope you can adjust.”

The first hour on her new job Maria knew she was overdressed. Result? She carried it off well the first day and then slowly moved into attire that was less trendy and more suited to business.



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