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Part I: Preparation > Getting Ready Checklist

Chapter 4. Getting Ready Checklist

Before reporting for work, you will feel more confident and professional if you do the following:

Have a pocket notebook where you can write down special instructions, directions, and names you need to remember.

Make certain you have transportation. Have you had your car checked recently? Do you know the correct bus schedule?

Decide on the best route in order to avoid traffic problems and frustrations. Have you made parking arrangements ahead of time?

If you have a small child, work out the details of your child care arrangements. Do you have a backup solution? Will your arrangements allow you to give full concentration to your job?

If you have older children, will they be fully instructed on how to take care of themselves without calling you on the job except in emergencies?

Cut back on outside commitments during your first thirty days. Would a weekend ski or cycling trip drain you for Monday morning? Many new employees overextend themselves and miss a day of work when it counts the most.

Work out your wardrobe for the first week to present your best image. [*]

[*] For excellent books on looking professional, consider Always in Style if you are a woman, or Successful Style if your are a man.

Have a regular exercise schedule in place.

Take care of needed dental, medical, or other professional appointments ahead of time.



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