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To the Reader

To the Reader

Fear of the unknown is both normal and healthy. It can be a powerful motivator. On the other hand, too much fear can cause procrastination, and in some cases, paralysis. If you learn proven study skills strategies much of the fear about college, or any new learning experience, will fade.

Your anxiety will diminish and your confidence will grow once you are familiar with the study skills in this book that were designed to help you accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Learning to analyze your attitudes toward studying and your current study skills habits.

  2. Achieving a sense of personal power, thanks to the time management and goal setting exercises you will complete.

  3. Taking clear, meaningful classroom notes and learning how to study from them.

  4. Developing power reading skills such as SQ3R which will teach you to systematically mark and take study notes on a college level textbook.

  5. Acquiring better methods to memorize material for long term recall.

  6. Developing organizational patterns which will help you use imagery to visualize concepts and encode new material.

  7. Learning how to prepare for and take objective exams.

  8. Understanding the techniques which will assist you to write better essays.

  9. Using study aids and oral recitation to improve your performance on tests.

  10. Making a commitment to practice new study skills strategies by completing a learning contract APPENDIX I.

All of these objectives can be achieved. It will take effort on your part, but if you are serious about your studies, it will be well worth the time you invest.

I welcome correspondence from you about these or other successful strategies you use so they can be shared with students struggling to find an easier way.

Your Learning Strategies Coach,

Uelaine A.Lengefeld

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