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Part II: Time Control > Time Control Questions and Tips

Chapter 5. Time Control Questions and Tips

1. DO YOU HAVE A LARGE MONTHLY CALENDAR? Write all important tests, deadlines, and activities on a large monthly calendar. Place it in a conspicuous location. Use color to highlight important dates— red dots or red pen. _____
2. DO YOU HAVE A WEEKLY APPOINTMENT CALENDAR? Purchase one that shows a “week-at-a-glance” so you have a good overview of the entire week. _____
3. DO YOU HAVE A WEEKLY STUDY PLAN? Use the blank weekly study schedule on page 15 to visualize and organize your time. Lightly pencil in your classes (by title on the days and times they meet) and block out times to eat, sleep, work, or study. Use this code (or one like it): _____
  E=Exercise J=Job 
S=Study X=Free Time
C=Commute Z=Sleep
4. DO YOU PLAN FOR AT LEAST ONE HOUR OF STUDY FOR EACH CLASS PERIOD? Protect time each day for study. By keeping a regular schedule, your study time will soon become habit forming. _____
5. DO YOU PLAN FOR STUDY BREAKS? Remember to limit your straight study time to no longer than one hour. It is important to take a ten minute break between study periods to refresh yourself and give your mind a rest. _____
6. DO YOU PREVIEW TEXT ASSIGNMENTS AND REVIEW CLASSROOM NOTES FROM THE PREVIOUS CLASS BEFORE YOUR STUDY TIME? Build this encoding strategy into your weekly schedule with “P” for preview and “R” for review. Add these items to your schedule. _____
7. DO YOU MAKE EFFECTIVE USE OF ANY COMMUTE TIME TO SCHOOL EACH DAY? If you travel to class and have an opportunity to do some schoolwork, this is an ideal time to preview or review. Place a “C” for all commute time on your schedule. _____
8. DO YOU LEAVE SUFFICIENT TIME FOR RELAXATION AND PLAY? Play is therapeutic. Without it you are only half a person. Make sure you have plenty of play time (marked with a “P”) on your calendar. Meditation is a relaxing way to begin or end your busy day. _____
9. DO YOU REWARD YOURSELF FOR MEETING GOALS? No matter how tight your budget, you can always afford a date, a movie, an ice cream cone (or anything else that motivates you). Do not accept your reward if you do not meet your goal! _____
10. ARE YOU A LIST MAKER? It’s a great idea to keep lists. Assign a priority to items on your list and try to complete the most important ones first. Carry forward items not completed on to your next day’s/week’s list. _____



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