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Part I: Getting Started > Discover Your Attitude toward Learning

Chapter 2. Discover Your Attitude toward Learning

To learn and apply quality study skills, it is essential to have a positive attitude. In fact, your attitude and motivation will make all the difference. To measure your attitude toward studying, complete this exercise. If the statement describes your attitude or study habit check YES and if not check NO. Be very honest.

1. I am satisfied with my test scores on most examinations.
2. If I do poorly on a test, I increase my efforts and get help from a teacher, a tutor, or a study partner.
3. When required, I can concentrate on studies. I am not easily distracted.
4. The challenge of taking study notes on difficult textbook reading does not throw me.
5. Although busy, I am able to find priority time to study. Procrastination and cramming are not problems for me.
6. I attend class regularly and carefully prepare for most class sessions.
7. I have a clear reason for going to school and know that good study skills will get me closer to my career goal.
8. When I have a boring instructor, I realize I must work harder to make the material interesting.
9. My moods or personal problems seldom prevent me from completing my work.
10. I can visualize myself completing my goal.
11. I know how to reward myself for finishing a difficult assignment.
12. I listen carefully while taking class notes, and I review them within 24 hours.



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