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The following questions might help you design and understand your own personal value kingdom. The answers are meant as a beginning for your own brainstorming session.

  • What is the real driver behind my desire to excel in my career?

    Fulfillment, intellectual challenge, prestige, creative freedom, personal responsibilities, financial freedom, other?

  • What makes me feel good in the workplace?

    Growth, feeling appreciated, making a difference, meeting objectives, creating new products, developing people, negotiation, believing I’m part of what makes the place tick, having information to move forward, winning, learning, impacting society, other?

  • What sort of environment do I thrive in?

    Creative, open, smart colleagues, fast-paced, tough yet reachable challenges, great leadership, team spirit, opportunities for growth, belief in the product, other?

  • What sort of environments upset me?

    Oppressive, closed, cliquey, noncreative, too pressurized, unrealistic goals, rude conduct, incompetent people, lack of integrity, weak leadership, hoarded information, few real opportunities for growth, not feeling like I’m a part in policy decisions, other?

  • What makes me happy outside of my work life?

    Family, friends, love, art, music, working out, sports, travel, language, ocean and mountains, church, quiet, flowers, reading, inventing, yoga, other?

  • What sort of person am I and do I want to be?

    High integrity, compassionate, creative, contributor, leader, respected, respectful, trusting, trustworthy, smart, stretched, successful, happy, fulfilled, generous, kind, always learning, curious, other?

  • What personal goals do I have that I have yet to achieve?

    Financial freedom; being a great friend, son or daughter, sibling; a long-term relationship; marriage; parenting; running a marathon; learning Spanish; seeing Paris; owning my own business; other?

  • How do I keep an eye on my personal value kingdom while I make kings for the corporation?

  • How do I keep stress at bay so that I can accomplish my out-of-work-life needs and desires?

  • How do I learn to understand business, navigate the road, and hold on to my core values?



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