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Part III: Planning for Passion and Prosp... > Summary of Part III: Planning for Pa...

Summary of Part III: Planning for Passion and Prosperity

  • Free agency must become an actual goal in today’s tough job market. Become the “wow” hire in your industry. This does not condone job-hopping as a goal, rather it is creating your own security in a time when all calls are not necessarily yours to make. Follow the six steps outlined on page 188.

  • The way you leave a company is important. Any move you make is about your future and not the past that brought you to it. The past is over and rehashing in anger won’t change anything except what might be said about you in the future. Be as calm as possible, even if things get nasty. You might work with some of these people again, or jeopardize an exit package.

  • Create your own Board of Directors by listing the pros and cons of a dilemma and matching the competencies required to solve the problem with people that can help you. Sometimes you have to go out of your immediate circle to include people that have had this experience in their own lives.

  • Keep your passions and dreams alive until you are prepared to bring them to life. In the meantime, incorporate as much as you can into your daily work so that you can enjoy each day as much as possible.

  • Gauge your level of fulfillment with the satisfaction checklist shown in Table 22-1 on page 202. By understanding what makes you happy or angst-ridden you will be more able to make changes in your life for better coping and more enjoyment and purpose.

  • Bringing a spiritual aspect to your work doesn’t mean becoming religious if you aren’t. It means realizing your impact on the whole of the place and making the work more noble than the negative-speak in your head. When the work has a higher purpose for you it will transcend irrational behavior by disgruntled others and their impact on your head and heart will become less potent.

  • A centered and balanced life must be a conscious goal today. Examine your life in terms of the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects and see what you can do to become more balanced across them. Examine your mental and physical time spent at work, even if you aren’t physically in the office, and see what you can do to bring it back to the middle. When you understand your motivations, you will have a clearer answer on how to create balance.

  • Your personal identity drives action. Who are you besides this kingmaker extraordinaire? You are all of the people you love and interact with and you are all of the interests and passions that move you. Open your world and your own identity.

  • Can you adopt the mantra “never be stuck anywhere because of money?” Will you take the time to understand your relationship with money and create a value threshold? Answer the questions on page 217 in earnest and see what you learn about yourself.

  • Do you agree that excellence is your only work security and money is a main life security? You need money to make the calls in your own life, survive a bad job market or financial market, and make changes when you want to. Start as early as possible by becoming an invested, interested and serious money planner and manager. Give yourself the time and count it as a priority.

  • You will know when it is the right time to switch jobs or shift careers. Listen to yourself and open up to the signs and opportunities that come your way. This is not an easy time and should not be taken lightly or alone. Seek help if you are sinking into depression. Realize that it is all right if you aren’t sure what your next life goal will be. The answers will come as you prepare and anticipate and refresh.

  • Work hard to deliver stellar work until your very last hour as you keep your eye on the biggest freedom and passion prizes of your life.



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